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            FlexVision 3D

            Integrated vision solution for ABB robots

            This is the most capable integrated vision solution for ABB robots, FlexVision 3D systems react to changes within the industrial work environment.

            Augments Robotic Manufacturing Processes
            FlexVisionTM 3D vision guided robotic (VGR) systems see and react to
            changes within the industrial work environment. FlexVisionTM 3D enables
            ABB robots to precisely locate the grip points of a disoriented object within
            a 3D space.

            FlexVisionTM 3D Makes Robot Vision Simple
            FlexVisionTM 3D systems include the vision hardware, the FlexVisionTM software platform and the ABB standard specifications in the areas of
            robot dress, mechanical and electrical integration, and robot– vision programming modules.

            The software platform includes unique technologies such for easy
            calibration, with quick and reliable integration. FlexVisionTM leverages
            world class vision technology as the most reliable and repeated VGR
            software for ABB robots.

            ABB FlexVisionTM is Low Maintenance and Reliable
            From proven technology and years of continuous design innovations, FlexVisionTM 3D is the most capable and integrated vision solution for
            ABB Robots.
            Vision Guided Robotics Provides Savings
            • Manage variation in part styles and location
            • Eliminate costly precision fixturing, mechanical part crowding and dunnage
            • Automate operations that previously required human interaction
            • Increase up–time and eliminate robot crashes by seeing the part on racks

            Technical Data | FlexVision 3D Vision Systems

            Supported Robot Types:

            Robot controller


            Robot type

            All 6-Axis IRB robot arms

            Robot Controller Configuration Requirement


            Digital I/O Board


            Version 5.15 or later


            Vision Accuracy

            +/- 0.1 to +/-0.3 mm

            Vision Processing Time

            0.3 to 1.0 seconds

            Typical Part Movement

            +/- 15 º, +/-300 mm



            High resolution(GigE / PoE)


            Standard and anti-vibration lenses available


            LED lighting—2 lights standard, support for up to 6 lights

            For additional data, please see the data sheet.
            The FlexVisionTM VGR Platform
            • Multi–camera 3D (GigE / PoE)
            • Single camera 2D
            • Robot mounted and stationary mounted cameras
            • Automatic camera calibration
            • Automated accuracy validation
            • Extremely fast set–up and calibration processes
            • Industrial, extreme flex cable system
            • 3D position of parts in full 6º of freedom
            Main Applications
            • Material handling
            • Machine tending
            • Dispensing & sealing
            • Press automation
            • Powertrain assembly
            • Body–in–White
            Function Package Features
            • FlexVisionTM 3D VGR runtime software license
            • Extended robot cabinet with monitor
            • LED lighting system, mounting brackets and power supply
            • Camera, lens, and IP67 protective camera enclosure
            • Vision Computer
            • FlexVisionTM 3D API (with easy to build vision robot programs)
            • FlexVisionTM 3D installation and commissioning manual
            • Drawing package
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