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            PickMaster® Twin is the market leading robotic software for vision-guided random flow picking and packing applications

            PickMaster® Twin

            Third generation packaging software for the digital factory of the future

            PickMaster Twin features digital twin technology, which increases productivity by dramatically shortening commissioning times from days to hours and changeover times from hours to minutes while maximizing overall line efficiency.

            Digital twin enabled by PickMaster PowerPac
             When using digital twin technology, the simulated station can be directly connected to the running production, allowing simultaneous optimization of the picking process in the virtual world in real time while the real process acts accordingly.

            PickMaster Operator offers state-of-the art user interface
            ABB also condenses and enhances the advanced application experience with the introduction of the new PickMaster Operator presenting intuitive interfaces built on ABB’s Ability Zenon data management software, providing colorful dashboards for easy data visualization and production control. Its modern user interface gives operators and plant managers full insight and control of the production result. These easy-to-use user interfaces include a touch tile home screen, production screen, and digital production dashboard.

            Maximizes output while increasing OEE
            PickMaster complies with the OMAC PackML standard making PickMaster an integrated part of modern packaging machineries and factory planning and reporting systems. The latest version also enables visual online tuning of the robot operating area in both X and Y directions, helping maximize output and increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

            Powerful system
            The software features a powerful color vision system that can support up to 10 cameras for accurate position guidance and feature inspection. Circular conveyor tracking capability enables picking of random products from circulation tables. Designed to fit small single-robot cells as well as complex production lines with up to 10 robots.

            Key Benefits

            • Speed: Reduces commissioning and change-over times
            • Flexibility: Supports all ABB robots, linear and circular conveyor configurations, and virtual and physical machines
            • Simplified: Streamlines hardware/software setup and configuration
            • Cost: Reduces total integration costs
            • Unique: Digital twin visual tuning and emulation
            • Domain expertise: Simulates future production operations
            • Productivity: Operational efficiency, PackML enabled


            PickMaster® 3

            • PickMaster® 3 for high speed picking
              The PickMaster 3 includes advanced vision technique and tightly integrated conveyor tracking capability. The integrated vision system is advanced and open to communicate with any external sensor (line scanners, color vision, 3D etc.).
            • PickMaster® Picking PowerPac
              By adding the Picking PowerPac to PickMaster 3 and RobotStudio, both programming and conceptualization of picking systems is simplified.



            PickMaster® Add-Ons

            • PickMaster®  External Sensor Solution
              PickMaster application software with Generic Sensor Protocol, adds 3D vision technology to the ABB packaging application.

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